Insomniac Dream is finally moving into the 21st Century… being rebuilt here in a Wordpress framework. The process may take me a bit to complete, but hopefully will inspire a new piece or two.

I have expanded my horizons a bit since starting this site so many years ago. You can read some of my other work at, or as my sometimes persona The Cavekeeper.(Sorry, Cavekeeper is temporarily offline while that site gets a facelift as well.)

Thanks for visiting.

You've found one of the few places left in the world where you are free to smoke, free to drink, and free to drive your car without wearing a seatbelt... provided of course, that I don't have to subsidize your health care for lung cancer, I never see your name on a waiting list for a liver transplant, AND I don't have to foot the prison bill for your kids that can't stay out of trouble because their stupid parent(s) killed him/her/them/self(ves).

You can at some time or another, if you visit frequently enough, expect to be offended by something you see or read here. Our hope is that you can also expect to be entertained. To smile occasionally. Even that you might discover something here that prompts you to offer an opinion, a comment, a viewpoint. Above all, we desire to offer a respite, however slight, from the pressing concerns of every day life.

NOTICE!! The preceeding paragraph is a blatant falsehood. (That's an all out lie, for those of you with a limited vocabulary.) It is a purely commercial attempt to engender an empathetic response from individuals whose surfing habits don't allow for scrolling the length of a page to get the whole story. You see, we are frantically attempting to make this site commercially viable in order to obtain the needed medical help for the author(s). The more visitors we get, and the more responses obtained, the easier it is for us to go to certain vendors and say "Look, we have twelve new readers this month. Would you like to buy some advertising space? It's a real basement opportunity!"

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